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How can Quality backlinks help you to rank to website faster?

Let me tell you what website is. It is just like an address of home but in the computer world. Every company, brand creates its home address on internet world and tries to invite maximum people there. This can be done via social linking and backlinks. Readers are confusing what term Backlinks is.

To get the links from other websites to your own business site is known as backlinks. Almost all website owners do this to attract the maximum number of people and catch as much as the possible audience. It is not only a source of attracting people yet it is the most successful tunnel to improve the business website ranking.

It does not mean your traffic will be increasing in a day but you have to show patience and should take opinions of SEO experts and workers. The other side of the picture is not much good looking and tempting because you cannot add backlinks blindly. Otherwise, your website will become blind.

Every backlink will not provide beneficial results some may rise your website ranking and many can down the percentage. You have to choose the backlinks carefully and consciously.

Signs of quality backlinks:

These are present in good, popular websites.

You can get such backlinks from trusted relevant source.

The backlinks, which send traffic and audience to your business site, are good ones.

The backlinks you will get with hard work and not on a single click will have more worth. Because easily obtainable backlinks have less worth and in fact, produce a negative impact on your business site. If you obtain backlinks after opening few tabs and windows, you should understand that your competitors can also find it, and if they get it, the backlink worth will automatically reduce.

Many experts give the opinion of paid backlinks. However I do not agree with it, as many backlinks have the risk to carry, and if you are unable to do so, you will not only lose your audience but face financial issue too. If you are purchasing some backlinks, do not pay the amount directly, you have to have added some third party i.e. blog networking etc. in this linking system.

Do not add too much backlinks on your business website; it produces the low effect on the visitor. Always try to add good, high-quality links although in less number.

Always check the rank of the page from where you are taking backlink it is the utmost degree of checking the reliability. The formula is simple, backlink is directly proportional to the ranking of the page, and Higher the web page rank higher reliable link is bulk website authority checker can help to check the authority of page and domain.

Do not create a rush of backlinks to your page; add concerned, authentic high quality links where chances of risks are minimum.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily make your website the fast-growing page. The search engine will access your website easily via those backlinks.

Hosting company unlike any other?

Hi there! You probably noticed that the page you are currently browsing has loaded faster than usual, right? Yes, that’s right! I’ve changed my server! My own page has finally got brand new server!
Web Hosting
Now let me tell you a brief story. My website with free pics started to grow bigger. In my old hosting company the resources were not enough and as a result, the page started to load very slowly. Another advantage was the location of the server. That is why I decided to look for new hosting that is located in USA or Canada. I’ve checked many offers… approximately 12 different hosting suggestions. It took me quite a lot of time. Once I browsed through all of them, I decided to pick one of the cheaper ones (unfortunately – the less you pay, the worse services you get). The issues started on the very beginning.

Support couldn’t help me with the simplest things. It didn’t take long for me to resign. After 7 days I looked for something else, just for the sake of my page with free pictures.

The ultimate choice was… SiteGround! To this day I am amazed how they work! In my opinion, a lot of hosting companies should learn from them. I will tell you a few situations regarding them.

“Day 1:

I write to the support. Chat connected me with a guy named Martin. At the very beginning I received quite warmth welcome! That’s something I appreciate! We exchanged several sentences regarding services – how everything looks like, will I pay for entering CSR to SSL certificate (in the previous company the cost to enter a piece of code to SSL to the FORM was… $10! In here, Martin said it costs nothing. Now, satisfied with the answer, I informed that the moment my previous service provider returns my money for the hosting, I am going to come back.

Day 2:

I’m entering the chat with the hope that I will be connected to the same guy. Unluckily, I was connected to someone else, to Ivan. I was going to write a message with the question whether it is possible to connect me with Martin once again (but there are more than 400 employees in that company! Before I even sent a message, he quickly wrote: Let me transfer you back to my colleague Martin, who helped you yesterday.

WOW! It’s like mindreading! I have never met such amazing customer service like that in any other hosting. We talked for a while and I knew I want to purchase the server! Sadly, there is no PayPal method payment! So I write once again to Martin. He says to fill the form. Once I filled it, there was a mistake. However, after a moment he sends me a link to PayPal payments! That’s amazing! I can pay via PayPal for my web page hosting! The whole procedure is very short!

Okay, so it’s time to log into the panel:

Before logging in I recalled that they can transfer the page from old hosting. I wondered where to find the form to do that.

Then I log in and… boom! At the very beginning I received a pop out whether I want to transfer my page from different server. I filled in very simple and quick form. After several longer moments, my page was already on the new spot. I thanked for transferring the page and wrote that all I got to do is to install SSL certificate (purchased by me 10 months earlier, so I had 2 months left of payable certificate) and my page is 100% ready. Literally after some seconds I got a message… the customer service has installed SSL certificate. BUT FOR FREE. Yes, free of charges! I don’t need to pay for my SSL certificate any longer.

And this is why you can enter the page that loads much faster and is much safer thanks to marvellous SiteGround. I just wanted to share with you my experience. I checked many hosting companies and this appeared to be the best.

Down below I can present you some examples of hosting characteristics

And what is your experience about SiteGround? Maybe other hosting services appealed to you? Write in the comment section!