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Ezgif: Easy to Move Frames

The revolution on the internet came with lots of intermediate phases. Development of image editing applications, video players, exclusive Softwares are the significant steps towards this huge success. There is another feature that has also lead the foundation of this revolution. Name of that feature is now well known to us: GIF. Almost 30 years ago, a BBS provider team named ‘CompuServe’ developed this exciting file which is indeed a bitmap image format. It allows images that move and palette separation up to 256 colors per frame.The criteria of being allowed in this file format for an image is 8 bits for every pixel, and despite having 24-bit color space, GIF also supports the citation of the palette by the image itself.

GIF Format

Basically, GIF is a Graphics Interchange Format which manages the frames to be in a specific order for conveying animation. Graphics extension controls a solo file with a few images or frames that it contains. It’s indeed a multi-functional format that supports animation. Now, a question must arise in your mind whether we can make this type of file formats with the help of any website. So, the answer is ‘Yes, we can.’ There is a few GIF creating websites on theinternet. But today, we’ll discuss the superior of all:

Facts and Features



Being an online creator of GIF files, is very popular and simple to use. Harvesting images, resizing the entire GIF, optimising the frames, inserting text, manipulating speeds are some of the free services that this website hosts. So, here, we can discuss its exclusive services:

  1. You can create animated GIF files with the help of this website. One has to just log into the site so that he can load images in different formats. Then he should press the ‘update’ button to make the final format. You can edit or marge the GIF images stored in it and watermark or attribution can’t be found here. One can also add effects to the animated files by just clicking on ‘add effect’ on this website. Wait! It’s not done Ezgif helps to add desired text to the fileformat, and hence, you’ll not lose the quality.
  2. Another beneficiary feature that you can have on this website is Video to gif converter. This online converter supports many types of video files like mp4, AVI, FLV, At first, you have to upload the video file and then cut it mentioning the start and end time.
  3. This multi-featured website will also help you to resize any GIF image file. Now, if the image file is large, it will take more time in the resizing method. Cropping or flipping an image can also be done on this website.
  4. The procedures don’t decrease qualities of any files whether it is image or video. You can compress GIF images on this website as it is another necessary feature of this site.


Though the premier website has several benefits to offer the users, it has some backlogs too. As an example, it can work on simple images smoothly rather than the colored images. Users face a few bugs reproducing HD photographs in this site. So, I’ll suggest you The 15 Best Ezgif Alternatives for creating exciting GIF files. Happy Browsing!

How can Quality backlinks help you to rank to website faster?

Let me tell you what website is. It is just like an address of home but in the computer world. Every company, brand creates its home address on internet world and tries to invite maximum people there. This can be done via social linking and backlinks. Readers are confusing what term Backlinks is.

To get the links from other websites to your own business site is known as backlinks. Almost all website owners do this to attract the maximum number of people and catch as much as the possible audience. It is not only a source of attracting people yet it is the most successful tunnel to improve the business website ranking.

It does not mean your traffic will be increasing in a day but you have to show patience and should take opinions of SEO experts and workers. The other side of the picture is not much good looking and tempting because you cannot add backlinks blindly. Otherwise, your website will become blind.

Every backlink will not provide beneficial results some may rise your website ranking and many can down the percentage. You have to choose the backlinks carefully and consciously.

Signs of quality backlinks:

These are present in good, popular websites.

You can get such backlinks from trusted relevant source.

The backlinks, which send traffic and audience to your business site, are good ones.

The backlinks you will get with hard work and not on a single click will have more worth. Because easily obtainable backlinks have less worth and in fact, produce a negative impact on your business site. If you obtain backlinks after opening few tabs and windows, you should understand that your competitors can also find it, and if they get it, the backlink worth will automatically reduce.

Many experts give the opinion of paid backlinks. However I do not agree with it, as many backlinks have the risk to carry, and if you are unable to do so, you will not only lose your audience but face financial issue too. If you are purchasing some backlinks, do not pay the amount directly, you have to have added some third party i.e. blog networking etc. in this linking system.

Do not add too much backlinks on your business website; it produces the low effect on the visitor. Always try to add good, high-quality links although in less number.

Always check the rank of the page from where you are taking backlink it is the utmost degree of checking the reliability. The formula is simple, backlink is directly proportional to the ranking of the page, and Higher the web page rank higher reliable link is bulk website authority checker can help to check the authority of page and domain.

Do not create a rush of backlinks to your page; add concerned, authentic high quality links where chances of risks are minimum.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily make your website the fast-growing page. The search engine will access your website easily via those backlinks.

3 ways of earning on the blog + addition: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

How to earn on the blog is one of the most frequent questions I receive. There are a lot of people, who come here to help, that perfected the idea of earning through the Internet. Each and every one of them will tell you about one of three main ways of generating revenue from online activities.

How to earn on the blog

Everyone, who is going to blog “full time” will eventually realize that our own page in the network provides great possibilities. Everything’s great, but such amount of information can overwhelm very quickly. That is why in this article I decided to collect for you some practical tips that will help you decide how you want to earn on your blog, which option will be the most profitable, and on which conditions. You will also learn about advantages and disadvantages of all solutions.

The article how to earn on the blog is divided into three parts – I strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with them all. Let’s see what my guests have got to say:

  • Affiliate entries, product placement and review – Robert
  • AdSense earning – Monica
  • Affiliation – Anne
  • Basics about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – a way to earn in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.


How to earn on the blog – cooperation with brands

If you receive a cooperation offer, the first thing you think is whether you know the product/the brand or not. Then you consider your own preferences and if you could recommend it to your friends. If the answer is negative, then politely reject the offer of cooperation, frankly replying that the product/the brand does not suit you. If; however, you answered “yes” on the previous question, then ask one another: how can I present this thing/the topic of promotion with the things I do on the blog to make it engaging and interesting?

It is very important to make sure that contextual product placement won’t be a revolution for your readers. It has to be something natural, something that will ideally suit your everyday blogging. It cannot result in very negative emotions, because the advertising campaign will certainly be a failure. Another issue that a lot of bloggers (not only beginners) have to deal with is the price. How much should we say to make sure we don’t want too much? If you don’t know how much your service is worth, then take a look at “cooperation” sub-pages of other bloggers of your category. See how much they want and give a price accordingly. If you don’t know who to ask for advice, value yourself twice as much as you wanted to say at the beginning, because most bloggers offer too low rates very often.

How to earn on the blog – AdSense

AdSense advertisements are usually rejected by the bloggers because they are not profitable. In fact, when compared to revenues from affiliations or cooperating with other brands, we are not going to earn a lot with AdSense.

AdSense revenue depends significantly on the traffic at your blog. If there is not enough of it, it is visited by small group of readers, then the earnings won’t be astonishing. If; however, there are a lot of visits, then AdSense can become quite interesting addition to your monthly earnings. What else can influence the AdSense income?

  • From the advertisement placement;
  • From the theme of your blog;
  • From the type of device your readers enter the page.

It is because people from mobile devices do not see your side panel. Therefore, they won’t see any advertisements you put there. An advantage of using AdSense is the fact that it can generate a stable income and it is automated and maintenance free service, available for everyone (you don’t need to look for clients, just download advertising units form the panel). The moment some company asks you for pricing the advertising spots, then you will know where the ads are the most efficient, and where not to put the banner. And it’s all thanks to AdSense.

How to earn on the blog – affiliation

Affiliation is relatively new method of earning. The idea is very simple: if you recommend on your blog a specific product or the service, and your reader will purchase the item from official page thanks to your affiliating link put on your blog, then you will be rewarded with commission. You can join the affiliating programs directly thanks to e.g. banks, or use affiliate programs.

Affiliation is a great tool. If it is well used, it can provide fixed income from your blog without the necessity of any additional cooperation with the brand. You just recommend the products and services you think are worth recommending in the way you feel is best. You don’t have to compromise. It’s we, the bloggers, who recommend different products or services all the time. They constantly appear in our texts or pictures, and readers often buy them, depending on our opinion. Affiliation lets us monetize it. However, in order to earn significant amounts from the affiliation, you need to remember about three things:

  1. There is no income without trust

Affiliation is simple, but you cannot just enter affiliation link or banner on your blog and sign it as “I recommend, buy it”, thinking your commission will grow. In order to persuade your reader to purchase anything of your recommendation, you need him to TRUST you. To trust means to believe that the thing or the service you are recommending is in fact the best on the market because: you checked it personally or because you are believed to be the expert in the field.

  1. There is no income without online shopping

If you want to receive your commission, a purchase needs to be via Internet and a buyer has to enter the shop “via” your blog. Simple? It really is, but the fact that you can do shopping online doesn’t mean that your reader will do that thing. Just think about it – what things you buy through the Internet and where? Clothes, shoes, electronics, furniture? Your reader is exactly like you. He’s got his favourite Internet shops, but he prefers to buy some things locally.

  1. There is no income without the right field

Financial field is absolute leader. You won’t find any other place with such high commissions. I myself earn in clothing field and I have been receiving fixed income for 2 years now. It is not my main earning method (regarding the blog). That is why I do not pay too much attention and my energy for affiliation. However, depending on the month, affiliation generates $700-$2000 monthly. Affiliation earning is quite broad topic. So, if you have any questions regarding that idea, write it in the comment section!

Nice addition for the end: How to earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

In the article I focus on Bitcoin only, but there are tons of other cryptocurrencies like for example:

BTC Bitcoin ETC Ethereum
ETH Ethereum QTUM Qtum
LTC Litecoin OMG OmiseGo
LSK Lisk BCC BitConnect
BTG Bitcoin Gold STRAT Stratis
BCH Bitcoin Cash ZEC Zcash


What is Bitcoin?

The authors of BitCoin is unjknown person or group of people, who work under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. BitCoin is one of the most popular virtual currencies in the world. One of the unique characteristics of BitCoin is its decentralization. He was designed in the way no one can influence the currency, not even its author. It is also specified how much BitCoins there can be (20 999 999,9769) and this number cannot be changed in any way. Because of that, there is no inflation for BitCoin, it may come to deflation. We can store Bitcoins directly on your PC as a file. We can also use online wallets  at some mediators. Charges for transactions between individuals are very low or they do not exist at all.

How does BitCoin work?

The whole network is based on two types of people. There are people, who are trying to “mine” something and final users. The first group receives BitCoin with the use of various software and performing highly-advanced calculations. Final users just use it to pay with it. You can belong to both types. At the beginning of BitCoin, mining wasn’t very demanding. Nowadays, it is several times harder and with every day the difficulty increases. Together with mining requirements, the cost of mining increases. How to earn Bitcoin? DONATE on the page. In my opinion, the best and the easiest way of earning BitCoin is inserting special QR Code at your blog. No matter what type of blog you have and how big it is, you just need to follow some of these steps:

  1. 1. Register free wallet. I personally recommend Bitbay, but there are many other wallets (share your insights in the comment). Bitbay is one of the safest wallets.
  2. 2. Insert QR Code on your blog/WWW page. Once you have your wallet, move to the section related to generating QR Code. You can find there QR code, where you can find your own private Bitcoin address (or for any other cryptocurrency). Print that code and insert it on the visible place in your blog/website.
  3. 3. That’s all! It’s simple, isn’t it? At this moment 1 Bitcoin costs $14000 – $16000. As you can see, it takes only two people that will send you 0.5BTC each and you’ve got approximately $30000 for that! If you appreciate my work (and this article together with my pictures), you can donate for coffee!


Quite a lot of knowledge, right? I am extremely grateful my guests that they decided to spend their time and write several sentences how to earn on the blog! If you too are grateful, click the button below and share the article with your friends!

Two ways of earning Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) with the use of pictures

What is a Bitcoin?

You probably wonder why Bitcoin or any other currency available only through digital sources is a great idea to earn some money. You see, the technology is developing with every day. Nowadays, the introduction of cryptocurrency to the modern world seems to be just a matter of time. Bitcoin and all other decentralized currencies available only through the Internet are the latest technological novelty that introduces us to the world of instant payments, smart contracts, and many other interesting use of calculating power of computers. There are a lot of cryptocurrencies available on the market and each day the list expands. At this moment the most popular are the following:

  • BTC Bitcoin
  • ETH Ethereum
  • LTC Litecoin
  • LSK Lisk

How to store it? Well, it is quite similar to the old-fashioned currencies. We need to store them in wallets. There are a lot of online wallets, but one of the most popular ones is BitBay. It offers a wallet for many different cryptocurrencies. It can also boast with one of the most secured servers that keep your earnings safe! So now, when we covered all the basics, let’s focus on two ways of earning cryptocurrencies, mainly BTC, thanks to pictures!

1. QR codes at your page

The first way of getting some extra money from your page is using QR codes. It is a very simple and non-invasive method, where we use two-dimensional graphic code. It just provides all the visitors and people interested in donating with the opportunity to provide you with some help. QR codes let everyone to scan the code very quickly and use it for instant transactions, instead of rewriting the code that can contain up to 34 characters.

The process of generating your own QR code is very simple. It doesn’t require any programming knowledge or anything like that. You just need to find a legitimate generator in the Internet and then put it into your page in a visible, yet not too eye-catching spot.

2. Launching your own shop – free pictures bank

This idea gives you the opportunity to launch your own website with pictures and use it to earn some cryptocurrency. First thing you ought to do is get your own WordPress page. It is a free and ready to use pattern. In there you don’t have to write anything by yourself. There are ready themes and additions for your page. Of course there are also guides that will give you a step-by-step instruction what to do in order to prepare everything properly.

Except for your own page, you have to take care of hosting. Personally I recommend using SiteGround servers. One hosting can be used for several pages, so if you come up with another idea, SiteGround will be there for you! Once you take care of the page, we recommend checking out additional features and plugins. Incredibly interesting is Woocommerce that will let you customize your WordPress in any way you desire, without limitations or restrictions! In order to earn, you can use QR codes mentioned above. Make sure you prepared appropriate wallets that will let your viewers donate any number of all cryptocurrencies for your services!

What about your ways of earning Bitcoins?

Have you got an interesting idea? Don’t hesitate to share with others!

List of Crazy weird websites that you should Visit

The Internet is such an amazing thing, where you can find the plethora of Crazy Weird Websites, some of them are equipped with the valuable information while some are highly disgusting, and once you visit any of it, the first word that comes out of your mouth is shit, weird websites, or useless webs. Though these websites seem to be weird or useless, become a good source when you are getting bored, and in the mood to search for something crazier. These websites will give you the amazing and unique experience. Check out more about these weird websites while some of them we have enlisted below, and how these are weird and accept it as a challenge that if you create a weirder than that.

Why People Make the Crazy Weird Websites

Well, the reasons can be few for many, some people make such crazy weird websites to show other people their inner weirdness, and craziness, that they find are God gifted to them, and are willing to show it to others. While some people make outrageous lies and crazy things, so people get attracted to them. There are few people who make such crazy websites just to grab the attention, and making it catchy so, people come and visit their sites to earn money. While some people make these weird websites as they have some innovative ideas, and they want to show it to the world to gain profitability and fame of course. You can sense that some of the websites you often encounter to your browser are the creation of some stupid and weird people, and show the weirdness and level of stupidest they are possessing and all they want is attention.


it is totally an insane website, there are two types of people, one that is in love of planes and the second that love people flying on airplanes, the above-mentioned website is equally beneficial for all of them, as this crazy weird websites allow you to spy on any plane, and travel to any part of the world. All you required is to select the right plane and flight, and you might be solving the mystery of various airlines out there.




It is also one of the crazy weird websites that will really freak you out, though it is a self-explanatory website, and you will get everything here what you ask for. It will provide you a super plain answer for each of your query. It will be great for the people suffering from the Alzheimer disease, or that does not possess any of calendar on their laptop, and especially ty it on charismas and see how Santa mesmerize you with its magical climbing.


Calling internet a full big jungle will definitely be wont wrong to say, where you will see how the garbage will meet the treasure. Some of the websites are highly informative, while some are so stupid and useless websites that will really freak out your mind for sure.

The weird crazy websites I discussed above will surely freshen up your mind, at first I found it hard to compile a list of these useless sites. I compile a list of these strange and odd websites, it took me kindly but trust me these are worth visiting.

Hosting company unlike any other?

Hi there! You probably noticed that the page you are currently browsing has loaded faster than usual, right? Yes, that’s right! I’ve changed my server! My own page has finally got brand new server!
Web Hosting
Now let me tell you a brief story. My website with free pics started to grow bigger. In my old hosting company the resources were not enough and as a result, the page started to load very slowly. Another advantage was the location of the server. That is why I decided to look for new hosting that is located in USA or Canada. I’ve checked many offers… approximately 12 different hosting suggestions. It took me quite a lot of time. Once I browsed through all of them, I decided to pick one of the cheaper ones (unfortunately – the less you pay, the worse services you get). The issues started on the very beginning.

Support couldn’t help me with the simplest things. It didn’t take long for me to resign. After 7 days I looked for something else, just for the sake of my page with free pictures.

The ultimate choice was… SiteGround! To this day I am amazed how they work! In my opinion, a lot of hosting companies should learn from them. I will tell you a few situations regarding them.

“Day 1:

I write to the support. Chat connected me with a guy named Martin. At the very beginning I received quite warmth welcome! That’s something I appreciate! We exchanged several sentences regarding services – how everything looks like, will I pay for entering CSR to SSL certificate (in the previous company the cost to enter a piece of code to SSL to the FORM was… $10! In here, Martin said it costs nothing. Now, satisfied with the answer, I informed that the moment my previous service provider returns my money for the hosting, I am going to come back.

Day 2:

I’m entering the chat with the hope that I will be connected to the same guy. Unluckily, I was connected to someone else, to Ivan. I was going to write a message with the question whether it is possible to connect me with Martin once again (but there are more than 400 employees in that company! Before I even sent a message, he quickly wrote: Let me transfer you back to my colleague Martin, who helped you yesterday.

WOW! It’s like mindreading! I have never met such amazing customer service like that in any other hosting. We talked for a while and I knew I want to purchase the server! Sadly, there is no PayPal method payment! So I write once again to Martin. He says to fill the form. Once I filled it, there was a mistake. However, after a moment he sends me a link to PayPal payments! That’s amazing! I can pay via PayPal for my web page hosting! The whole procedure is very short!

Okay, so it’s time to log into the panel:

Before logging in I recalled that they can transfer the page from old hosting. I wondered where to find the form to do that.

Then I log in and… boom! At the very beginning I received a pop out whether I want to transfer my page from different server. I filled in very simple and quick form. After several longer moments, my page was already on the new spot. I thanked for transferring the page and wrote that all I got to do is to install SSL certificate (purchased by me 10 months earlier, so I had 2 months left of payable certificate) and my page is 100% ready. Literally after some seconds I got a message… the customer service has installed SSL certificate. BUT FOR FREE. Yes, free of charges! I don’t need to pay for my SSL certificate any longer.

And this is why you can enter the page that loads much faster and is much safer thanks to marvellous SiteGround. I just wanted to share with you my experience. I checked many hosting companies and this appeared to be the best.

Down below I can present you some examples of hosting characteristics

And what is your experience about SiteGround? Maybe other hosting services appealed to you? Write in the comment section!

Identity Theft: What it’s All About?

Seems odd? Yes, it does! It won’t once you get to know what it actually is and how some action as small as buying something can lead you to lose millions. Now that your curiosity is aroused, here is what identity theft really is.

What Is Identity Theft?

As the name implies, identity theft is a type of theft in which the thief doesn’t steal your belongings, instead he steals your identity. It means that in identity theft, the thief, mostly a hacker, steals your personal information like your account numbers, passport information and other important pieces of personal information.

By doing so, an identity thief can easily use your account numbers to make transactions, use your credit card numbers for online shopping, use your identity to even make new accounts in order to get blank checks. In this way, an identity thief can easily use your money and information without you even getting the smallest of hints of what’s happening behind your back.

How Does It Work?

How it works is really simple. Imagine you bought something from a store through your credit card or made an online transaction. At that very instance, there could be millions of hackers hacking into your account and stealing your personal identity and important information. Once an identity thief gets a hold of your identity, he is free to use at his will. There’s no stop to what he can do with your information.

Studies show that in a time period of about two to three minutes, about ten to fifteen people become a victim of identity theft in the United States. That’s an idea of how big and dangerous identity theft really is. Not only can an identity thief use your identity for money, but also he can use it to get other privileges. The worst part is that you would not have an idea of how your identity is used. You can even get into jail in regard of false criminal record put into your name. Terrible! Isn’t it?

Some Myths Regarding Identity Theft

Going into detail regarding the identity theft, here are some of the myths regarding identity theft you need to know.

  1. Identity theft is merely a financial offense

Identity theft is not restricted to financial privileges. Identity thief can even use your identity to get medical liberties like medical insurance and even free treatment. In addition to this, your social security information can be used to even acquire a job.

  1. Nobody is concerned about your individual information

You might be thinking that updating information about your future plans or vacations places on social media is not interesting to people but you need to know that hackers are always following you. Identity thieves can make most damage out of any personal information you post. They can use your phone numbers for scams. In this way, by using some tracking apps make sure your children are not sharing their personal information on such websites.

  1. Antivirus Drivers Can Help You Against Identity Theft

This one is the most important one. Antivirus programs are sure to keep you safe from viruses and bugs but identity theft is different. These programs might help you avoid any known attack or they might keep your data safe but they can’t keep hackers from hacking into your account. For this, you will need some type of tracking apps on your mobiles and computers.

Futuristic Approach

The prevention of identity theft and the only futuristic approach to this problem is the use of cell phone spying apps. Spying apps and identity theft don’t sound like a solution to a problem but have faith. By using spying apps, you can keep a track of your children’s online activities to see that they don’t post their personal information over the internet in the ways that might attract identity thieves. You can also keep a track of your child’s locations. This will help you finding any hint of identity theft being done on your child’s phone.

By tracking into locations where the phone has been, you can make sure if it was your child or some thief. See their might be record of credit card use of buying something at one store while your child hasn’t been there. While this may seem stupid, such trifling information can help you protect your child.


Now that you know what identity theft is and how you can avoid it, make sure you carry out preventive measures so that you and your children can use their credit cards and social networking sites without any worries. Remember prevention is better than cure!




7 Tips How to make beautiful and atmospheric photos during Christmas?

Christmas is a beautiful time: time of family gatherings, richly laid tables, atmospheric decorations and shining fairy lights. We want to capture these moments, but when we get our camera, it turns out that it’s too dark, or that incandescent lights do not render the mood. Then how should we take photos to capture the Christmas atmosphere and share the perfect shots with our close ones? Here is my guide to Christmas photography.

1. Subject of the photos
Christmas is full of subjects that are worth of capturing with a camera. What do we photograph the most often during Christmas? Of course, the first thing we think about are family photos shot during Christmas Eve. However, we should not waste other opportunities to take wonderful Christmas photos. There are other activities that would make beautiful Christmas photos, such as:
-preparing food for Christmas dinner (e.g. baking cookies)
-making Christmas decorations
-decorating the Christmas tree with your family
-laying the Christmas table
-…and children crying while they are being dressed in festal (uncomfortable) clothes

2. Christmas white balance
What makes taking Christmas photos difficult is the fact that they are usually taken inside, and in artificial light. These photos very often are in unnatural, orange shades. How can we change that? It’s very simple. Before you start taking photos, take a look at the lighting in the room. Then, find “white balance” option in your camera and set white balance accordingly (e.g. incandescent lights). If your camera allows RAW image format, you can change white balance later with graphics software.

3. Diffuse or reflect the light of flash
Another popular problem with Christmas photos involves the photos with flash. Usually, the photos made with a flash bulb, especially with one build in the camera, are of poor quality. The faces of guests, illuminated with the flash, seem pale and shiny, while the eyes seem red. A good way to get rid of these effects is using a diffuser, which is put on the flash bulb. If you are lucky enough to have an external flash, try to reflect the light off walls or ceiling. Another way to minimalize the significance of the flash and to produce interesting effects is switching your camera to night mode. In that way, the exposure time will be longer, but the setting still will be illuminated with flash. It will somehow neutralize the flash. It will allow you to use some of the ambient light, and the flash will ensure that the pictures are not blurry.

4. Macro mode and Christmas decorations
If you have macro mode in your camera, you can use it to make interesting Christmas shots. Christmas ornaments, Christmas greens, sweets in a bowl, Nativity, a wreath and other decorations can turn out to be the perfect photo subject.

5. Opening presents and continuous shooting mode
There are certain moments of Christmas Day that hold the promise of beautiful shots. One of them is opening the presents. Then you can capture the whole range of emotions and expressions of joy and happiness; especially on the faces of your children. Switch your camera to burst mode. It will allow you to take many photos during these precious moments. You will be able to capture everything, from giving a present, through the joy of unpacking it to the satisfaction (or sometimes disappointment) after unpacking it. Don’t forget to capture the emotions of the givers as well!

6. How to make a good group photo
One of the most popular Christmas photos is a group portrait, and there is nothing strange about that. After all, the Christmas is one of the only holidays when we get to see our grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and so on. Usually group portraits are made at the end of the evening, when the guests are tired. If you want to take a good shot, ask your guests to pose at the very beginning of the party.

7. Photographing fairy lights
Have you ever wondered how to achieve this magical effect?

The literature on photography calls this beautiful, blurry background “bokeh”. It is not really hard to make.
Get your child to stand in front of the Christmas tree, so that the shining fairy lights are in the background. Use mode “priority to diaphragm/aperture priority” (A/Av). Set the smallest aperture (e.g f/2 or f/4). And “blur” the fairy lights on the tree or on the line in the background. Remember to pay attention to good lighting and switch off the flash. Simple, isn’t it? Remember that changing the distance between you and your subject will make the bokeh effect look different every time.

Now it’s time for your experiments, use this time to take wonderful photos! You won’t get another chance until next year.


Photo / Graphics: and

20 Ways to make money as a photographer

Everybody who enjoys taking photos and does not see them as something unpleasant comes to the moment when he or she starts considering becoming a professional. Actually, making money from photography is not hard; you just need to know how to do it. We made a list of ways in which you can make money from taking photos.

20 Ways to make money as a photographer
You don’t need to be the best photographer in town to make money
Yes, it’s true. Above all, you should not worry that there are professional photographers in your vicinity who earn thousands from their photos. You should focus on your passion; however, it will take some time until you will be able to earn a living from it.
Photographers mainly make money from:
-photos of people (weddings, portraits, company photos, ID photos, etc)
-photos of objects (for advertising, websites, etc)
-others (e.g. photo manipulation)

What are the basic types of photography?

First of all, you need to figure out what you are good at. Perhaps you like taking photos of beautiful landscapes or blooming flowers? Unfortunately, it will not pay well. Why? Because it is taking photos of people that is really profitable. Who will pay for your photos of mountains and forests? Of course, these subject areas can be profitable as well, but only to a few photographers who use expensive, professional equipment. If you don’t want to invest too much money to start earning from photography, focus on people, objects and events.
You aren’t good enough at taking photos of people? Don’t worry. You can always improve your skills in your circle of friends, taking photos at wedding, birthday parties or making family portraits. After all, practice makes perfect.
Our list: how to make money from photography
We prepared a short list of tips regarding making money from photography with short explanations.
At the beginning, it is worth noticing that some of the ways are more demanding than others. You should take all the options under consideration, but choose only ones that are suitable for you.
Here they are:

Level 3/3: How can you make money as a photographer? 1. Wedding photography – it is not easy to make one’s way on wedding photography; however, if you succeed, you don’t need to worry about other sources of income. At the beginning you can try making photos at your friends’ wedding as a gift. If the guests like it, you will soon find other clients.
2. Family photography – taking photos of people is the easiest way to make money, because everybody wants to have photos from birthday parties, baptisms or other important events. To find a job, it’s a good idea to launch a website with portfolio showing some of your work.
3. Baby photography – lately, taking photos of babies becomes more and more popular. This subject area is worth considering, because a studio for babies does not take much space.

4. Taking photos with drones – you must have heard about drones, which can take photos from the air. In that way, they are able to capture a much bigger view than a traditional camera. Taking photos with drones becomes really popular and it may be worthwhile to consider this kind of investment.
5. Teaching photography – if you know all about camera functions, are able to take photos under any circumstances, and feel that there is not much to learn left, start sharing your knowledge! For example, you can start a blog, write sponsored articles about photography, or become a teacher on a photography course, e.g. in a local community centre.

Level 2/3: How can you make money as a photographer? 6. Social media – a lot of companies have their Facebook and Instagram profiles and looks for people who will regularly take photos for them. You can try writing them with a proposal of cooperation, especially if their current photos leave much to be desired.
7. Property photos – if you have wide-angle lens, you can offer your services to estate agencies. Contact them with your offer and they might establish a permanent cooperation with you.
8. Product photography – if you like taking photos of objects, you should consider making money from product photography. However, finding a commission is not easy, because companies usually choose experienced photographers. You can try looking for a job on websites for freelancers.
9. Events – you can put yourself on the map as an event photographer. In your city or town, there must be parties, concerts and meeting of various kinds that you could photograph. Try talking with organizers and offer them your services.
10. Photo manipulation – many people want to order prints, e.g. from holidays, but they are light-struck, badly cropped and have other flaws. Offer your help as a retoucher in the Internet. If you know the basics of graphics software, you should not have any problems with that.
11. Photography exhibition – if you think your photos are really good and they are non-commercial, talk with somebody who owns a place in the centre of the city about organizing an exhibition of your work. You can also try at art gallery; however, it will be much more difficult. People who would see your photos would be able to buy prints or order them as an XXL picture.
12. E-book about photography – if you know the photography theory and like sharing your knowledge, you can write a shot book that will become an Internet sensation. However, remember that there are many books on this topic; yours would have to be exceptional to sell well.
13. Passport and ID photos – did you think that nobody takes this kind of photos? Wrong! A lot of photographers make money from portrait photography and prints, which can be quite expensive. After all, everybody needs photos for IDs, passports and other official documents. Offer competitive prices and get clients.
14. Photos for websites – new websites are being launched all the time. Their makers often need pictures presenting their company, products or employees. Maybe you know somebody who creates websites? Offer them your services and perhaps it will turn out that there is somebody who needs a photographer.
15. Company photos – a lot of companies, especially big corporations, need a photographer to capture their activities, meetings, ongoing changes and brand development. You can offer your services online on one of the brand websites.
16. Fashion photography – on the Internet, you can find would-be models who look for a photographer to help them build their portfolio. If you are good at taking photos of people, you might offer them your services.
17. School photographer – lately it is not uncommon to hire a photographer to take photos at schools and kindergartens for Mother’s Day, Children’s Day or other occasions. Depending on the occasion, you can offer your services to different schools.

Level 1/3: How can you make money as a photographer?
18. Photojournalism – it is not about taking photos with telephoto lens, but about photographing various events that you attended to. Were you at the concert of your favourite vocalist? Did you go to watch a game? Perhaps you managed to take a couple of good photos that Internet news portals could buy.
19. Selling photos to photo bank – make a couple of pictures and send them to a photo bank which pays for photos. The biggest advantage of this idea is that nobody forces the subject area on you. However, remember that commercial photos sell better. Photo banks can be a great source of steady income.
20. Assistant photographer – if you aren’t ready to set up your own business, maybe it worth to consider becoming an assistant photographer? Talk with friends who take photos on events or weddings and offer them cooperation. You can earn extra money and acquire new skills.
Don’t forget about brand building
A photographer, similarly to other freelancers, mainly builds on his or her reputation among clients. You should remember that, especially when you get an unpleasant email, commentary under your photo or rejection of your offer. Always meet deadlines, try to be nice and diligent, and your clients will soon recognize it and recommend you to their friends.
You can also combine many of our ideas with developing photos, which you could personally give to your clients. In that way, your services will be perceived as convenient and professional, and, additionally, you will have a chance to earn some extra money.
It costs nothing to try
Even if you are not convinced that you can make it, it is worth trying one of the described ways. Of course, a lot depends on your individual skills, acquaintances and, often, on luck. But sometimes, bit by bit, you can make a real photographer career. We are curious what are your ways of making money from photography? Do you think it is a good idea to do it professionally, or maybe we should treat photography as our passion, and not a source of income?


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