7 Tips How to make beautiful and atmospheric photos during Christmas?

Christmas is a beautiful time: time of family gatherings, richly laid tables, atmospheric decorations and shining fairy lights. We want to capture these moments, but when we get our camera, it turns out that it’s too dark, or that incandescent lights do not render the mood. Then how should we take photos to capture the Christmas atmosphere and share the perfect shots with our close ones? Here is my guide to Christmas photography.

1. Subject of the photos
Christmas is full of subjects that are worth of capturing with a camera. What do we photograph the most often during Christmas? Of course, the first thing we think about are family photos shot during Christmas Eve. However, we should not waste other opportunities to take wonderful Christmas photos. There are other activities that would make beautiful Christmas photos, such as:
-preparing food for Christmas dinner (e.g. baking cookies)
-making Christmas decorations
-decorating the Christmas tree with your family
-laying the Christmas table
-…and children crying while they are being dressed in festal (uncomfortable) clothes

2. Christmas white balance
What makes taking Christmas photos difficult is the fact that they are usually taken inside, and in artificial light. These photos very often are in unnatural, orange shades. How can we change that? It’s very simple. Before you start taking photos, take a look at the lighting in the room. Then, find “white balance” option in your camera and set white balance accordingly (e.g. incandescent lights). If your camera allows RAW image format, you can change white balance later with graphics software.

3. Diffuse or reflect the light of flash
Another popular problem with Christmas photos involves the photos with flash. Usually, the photos made with a flash bulb, especially with one build in the camera, are of poor quality. The faces of guests, illuminated with the flash, seem pale and shiny, while the eyes seem red. A good way to get rid of these effects is using a diffuser, which is put on the flash bulb. If you are lucky enough to have an external flash, try to reflect the light off walls or ceiling. Another way to minimalize the significance of the flash and to produce interesting effects is switching your camera to night mode. In that way, the exposure time will be longer, but the setting still will be illuminated with flash. It will somehow neutralize the flash. It will allow you to use some of the ambient light, and the flash will ensure that the pictures are not blurry.

4. Macro mode and Christmas decorations
If you have macro mode in your camera, you can use it to make interesting Christmas shots. Christmas ornaments, Christmas greens, sweets in a bowl, Nativity, a wreath and other decorations can turn out to be the perfect photo subject.

5. Opening presents and continuous shooting mode
There are certain moments of Christmas Day that hold the promise of beautiful shots. One of them is opening the presents. Then you can capture the whole range of emotions and expressions of joy and happiness; especially on the faces of your children. Switch your camera to burst mode. It will allow you to take many photos during these precious moments. You will be able to capture everything, from giving a present, through the joy of unpacking it to the satisfaction (or sometimes disappointment) after unpacking it. Don’t forget to capture the emotions of the givers as well!

6. How to make a good group photo
One of the most popular Christmas photos is a group portrait, and there is nothing strange about that. After all, the Christmas is one of the only holidays when we get to see our grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and so on. Usually group portraits are made at the end of the evening, when the guests are tired. If you want to take a good shot, ask your guests to pose at the very beginning of the party.

7. Photographing fairy lights
Have you ever wondered how to achieve this magical effect?

The literature on photography calls this beautiful, blurry background “bokeh”. It is not really hard to make.
Get your child to stand in front of the Christmas tree, so that the shining fairy lights are in the background. Use mode “priority to diaphragm/aperture priority” (A/Av). Set the smallest aperture (e.g f/2 or f/4). And “blur” the fairy lights on the tree or on the line in the background. Remember to pay attention to good lighting and switch off the flash. Simple, isn’t it? Remember that changing the distance between you and your subject will make the bokeh effect look different every time.

Now it’s time for your experiments, use this time to take wonderful photos! You won’t get another chance until next year.


Photo / Graphics: pixabay.com and freepik.com

20 Ways to make money as a photographer

Everybody who enjoys taking photos and does not see them as something unpleasant comes to the moment when he or she starts considering becoming a professional. Actually, making money from photography is not hard; you just need to know how to do it. We made a list of ways in which you can make money from taking photos.

20 Ways to make money as a photographer
You don’t need to be the best photographer in town to make money
Yes, it’s true. Above all, you should not worry that there are professional photographers in your vicinity who earn thousands from their photos. You should focus on your passion; however, it will take some time until you will be able to earn a living from it.
Photographers mainly make money from:
-photos of people (weddings, portraits, company photos, ID photos, etc)
-photos of objects (for advertising, websites, etc)
-others (e.g. photo manipulation)

What are the basic types of photography?

First of all, you need to figure out what you are good at. Perhaps you like taking photos of beautiful landscapes or blooming flowers? Unfortunately, it will not pay well. Why? Because it is taking photos of people that is really profitable. Who will pay for your photos of mountains and forests? Of course, these subject areas can be profitable as well, but only to a few photographers who use expensive, professional equipment. If you don’t want to invest too much money to start earning from photography, focus on people, objects and events.
You aren’t good enough at taking photos of people? Don’t worry. You can always improve your skills in your circle of friends, taking photos at wedding, birthday parties or making family portraits. After all, practice makes perfect.
Our list: how to make money from photography
We prepared a short list of tips regarding making money from photography with short explanations.
At the beginning, it is worth noticing that some of the ways are more demanding than others. You should take all the options under consideration, but choose only ones that are suitable for you.
Here they are:

Level 3/3: How can you make money as a photographer? 1. Wedding photography – it is not easy to make one’s way on wedding photography; however, if you succeed, you don’t need to worry about other sources of income. At the beginning you can try making photos at your friends’ wedding as a gift. If the guests like it, you will soon find other clients.
2. Family photography – taking photos of people is the easiest way to make money, because everybody wants to have photos from birthday parties, baptisms or other important events. To find a job, it’s a good idea to launch a website with portfolio showing some of your work.
3. Baby photography – lately, taking photos of babies becomes more and more popular. This subject area is worth considering, because a studio for babies does not take much space.

4. Taking photos with drones – you must have heard about drones, which can take photos from the air. In that way, they are able to capture a much bigger view than a traditional camera. Taking photos with drones becomes really popular and it may be worthwhile to consider this kind of investment.
5. Teaching photography – if you know all about camera functions, are able to take photos under any circumstances, and feel that there is not much to learn left, start sharing your knowledge! For example, you can start a blog, write sponsored articles about photography, or become a teacher on a photography course, e.g. in a local community centre.

Level 2/3: How can you make money as a photographer? 6. Social media – a lot of companies have their Facebook and Instagram profiles and looks for people who will regularly take photos for them. You can try writing them with a proposal of cooperation, especially if their current photos leave much to be desired.
7. Property photos – if you have wide-angle lens, you can offer your services to estate agencies. Contact them with your offer and they might establish a permanent cooperation with you.
8. Product photography – if you like taking photos of objects, you should consider making money from product photography. However, finding a commission is not easy, because companies usually choose experienced photographers. You can try looking for a job on websites for freelancers.
9. Events – you can put yourself on the map as an event photographer. In your city or town, there must be parties, concerts and meeting of various kinds that you could photograph. Try talking with organizers and offer them your services.
10. Photo manipulation – many people want to order prints, e.g. from holidays, but they are light-struck, badly cropped and have other flaws. Offer your help as a retoucher in the Internet. If you know the basics of graphics software, you should not have any problems with that.
11. Photography exhibition – if you think your photos are really good and they are non-commercial, talk with somebody who owns a place in the centre of the city about organizing an exhibition of your work. You can also try at art gallery; however, it will be much more difficult. People who would see your photos would be able to buy prints or order them as an XXL picture.
12. E-book about photography – if you know the photography theory and like sharing your knowledge, you can write a shot book that will become an Internet sensation. However, remember that there are many books on this topic; yours would have to be exceptional to sell well.
13. Passport and ID photos – did you think that nobody takes this kind of photos? Wrong! A lot of photographers make money from portrait photography and prints, which can be quite expensive. After all, everybody needs photos for IDs, passports and other official documents. Offer competitive prices and get clients.
14. Photos for websites – new websites are being launched all the time. Their makers often need pictures presenting their company, products or employees. Maybe you know somebody who creates websites? Offer them your services and perhaps it will turn out that there is somebody who needs a photographer.
15. Company photos – a lot of companies, especially big corporations, need a photographer to capture their activities, meetings, ongoing changes and brand development. You can offer your services online on one of the brand websites.
16. Fashion photography – on the Internet, you can find would-be models who look for a photographer to help them build their portfolio. If you are good at taking photos of people, you might offer them your services.
17. School photographer – lately it is not uncommon to hire a photographer to take photos at schools and kindergartens for Mother’s Day, Children’s Day or other occasions. Depending on the occasion, you can offer your services to different schools.

Level 1/3: How can you make money as a photographer?
18. Photojournalism – it is not about taking photos with telephoto lens, but about photographing various events that you attended to. Were you at the concert of your favourite vocalist? Did you go to watch a game? Perhaps you managed to take a couple of good photos that Internet news portals could buy.
19. Selling photos to photo bank – make a couple of pictures and send them to a photo bank which pays for photos. The biggest advantage of this idea is that nobody forces the subject area on you. However, remember that commercial photos sell better. Photo banks can be a great source of steady income.
20. Assistant photographer – if you aren’t ready to set up your own business, maybe it worth to consider becoming an assistant photographer? Talk with friends who take photos on events or weddings and offer them cooperation. You can earn extra money and acquire new skills.
Don’t forget about brand building
A photographer, similarly to other freelancers, mainly builds on his or her reputation among clients. You should remember that, especially when you get an unpleasant email, commentary under your photo or rejection of your offer. Always meet deadlines, try to be nice and diligent, and your clients will soon recognize it and recommend you to their friends.
You can also combine many of our ideas with developing photos, which you could personally give to your clients. In that way, your services will be perceived as convenient and professional, and, additionally, you will have a chance to earn some extra money.
It costs nothing to try
Even if you are not convinced that you can make it, it is worth trying one of the described ways. Of course, a lot depends on your individual skills, acquaintances and, often, on luck. But sometimes, bit by bit, you can make a real photographer career. We are curious what are your ways of making money from photography? Do you think it is a good idea to do it professionally, or maybe we should treat photography as our passion, and not a source of income?


source of graphics: freepik.com

Creative free pictures under Creative Commons

If we wish our photo was in a very special manner, we will specialize in varied themes and opt for the one that most accurately fits our predisposition. We will also check best sites for free stock photos – there are totally different classes of pictures. Topics to be shooting plenty, however the standard and look of your photo depends on our creativeness and how we want to present a picture – check the how to find free stock photos. Of course, within the subject areas: the question of inventive photography outweigh footage of the sort of landscape, people, still life or travels – here are going to be helpful list of free stock photo sites.
However, if we want our image was totally different and not therefore common arrange to choose the content a lot of targeted and given eg. rather than shooting folks in general can want produce your photos on the theme of kids – check stock photos that don’t suck. Our creativeness by shooting is not expressed only to the static parts, SLR cameras allow us to capture pictures of objects, animals or those that are on the move, we are able to capture the momentum and make our image reflects true more realistically.

The best photos – where to download free stock photos?

People that are in your life are looking a ton of various moments, both good and dangerous, a number of them would really like to prevent, whereas others erase from memory. Unfortunately, erasing the memory of one thing at his own request, on cue, it’s inconceivable, as a result of the human brain doesn’t work sort of a laptop, where you’ll be able to post something and then erased once you just come back to us felt like it. Additionally, the pictures we are able to now completely, but we would like to transform and improve using totally different computer programs – even once historical photos photofree war a new style.
to stop the time you would got to very stretch and bend a lot. Often in movies they appear a spread of ways to stop time. The alleged fantasy movies show folks that will couple, who can stop time victimisation their supernatural powers and direct the lives of people. This of course only movies, however if that is not it’s related to them likewise, stopping time. At some purpose, people who don’t quit and tried to come back up with something to stop time, finally came to completely different inventions. Therefore, if you are trying to find free pictures and asking the question – where can i download free stock photos – click on this link!

Beautiful pictures for free

Digital photography was an excellent revolution for all fans who wish to capture plenty of momentaneous moments and pictures that created a sporting their fancy. First of all abandoned long lasting era cameras cliché in the middle – it became not only practical however also quite high-priced and tiring. Continuous drawing, change, and at last business photos from the film with new technology appeared to be merely nonsensical, as a result of like why not be able to take a photo of one issue some of times in the consequence, choose the simplest and leave them.
Today it’s a lot of easier, given that we are able to acquire free photos and background on the edges of the best stock photo sites. In addition, the quantity of pictures which will be done is more than just a camera – see only the free stock photo sites. Renovation of pictures which proposes inventive photography and digital rather more to take footage of inventive, creative, as well as what we wish – see page what are stock photos. Recent cameras can safely discard the corner and start making myriad scenes and not solely as we tend to see it live however conjointly having a control on a way to specifically look our picture.

Best free photo editing software

As Photoshop is the best known photo editing software, it is also known as a tool for professionals that is expensive and not everyone can afford it. Do those whose funds are limited have any alternatives? Let’s check.
Editing pictures became so popular, that almost everyone has tried it at least once. No matter whether you are a photographer, a celebrity who shares selfies six times a day or just a normal camera user – we all know that a delicate touch of filter or other enhancement can completely change the way in which other people could perceive your photograph. Photo editing software enables you to correct brightness, contrast of colours and other factors that make your pics look stunning. What’s more, a lot of those programs are available completely for free and all you have to do is to download them and install on your computer. Which ones seem to be worth considering?

GIMP, short for Gny Image Manipulation Program, seems to be as popular as Photoshop. Its advantage lies in the fact that it’s totally free. As it offers plenty of different tools practice may be required, but after some time you will appreciate its versatility and advancement. The program lets its users make use of variety of manual and automatic tools. You can definitely expect the advanced photo retouching techniques from this one. If that’s not enough you can always install additional plugins too.

Using Picasa is the easiest way to store your pictures. This program organizes them by creating functional albums and maps. Although its tools seem to be very basic, they would be enough for the beginners and less demanding users. Among editing options you will find some simple tools that will help you improve brightness and sharpness of your pics or adjust their size. Those who need more advanced functions shall also try the online editor that will upload the pictures directly from Picasa.

Photoscape is a user-friendly software that enables you to edit, fix and enhance photos. Although at first glance it may look really simple, it offers you useful and functional tools such as creating slideshows, screen capture, combining multiple photos or RAW to JPG converter. Editing tools such as red eye removal, different filters, adding texts and frames, resizing or color and brightness adjustment can certailny help you turn a standard picture into its more appealing version.

The producer of this program claims that although this editor was designed to become a powerful tool, its friendly interface makes it possible to work with it intuitively. Besides a variety of standard tools and functions, Photo Pos Pro has also the features of more advanced editors. Experienced users will not only enhance their photos, but also discover the possibilities offered by this editor in the field of computer graphics.

This online editor looks like it’s extremely easy to use and it’s not just an impression. As an online application it seems very functional too. Pixlr is advertised by the producer as the editor suitable even for those who have never had anything in common with graphics. Simple tools for whitening teeth and removing red-eye effect, overlays amplifying the tones and adding shades, a growing catalog of additional effects are only some options, but there are many, many more. This editor enjoys success especially among social media users, as it enables to share the pictures directly via such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via email.

DigitalOcean (SSD Cloud Server, VPS Server) – why use their services?

DigitalOcean – why use their services?

Professional VPS Server management panel, easy installation for CMS scripts, easy configuration and professionally prepared SSD Cloud Server. These are just a few advantages for DigitalOcean customers – a company that offers VPS Server and services in the cloud. Most importantly, the company appreciate customers from all over the world, warmth commenting on customer service, high quality of services and prices that are really low. I can recommend to anyone who are looking for a VPS Servers and data collection services in the cloud!

Simple, easy, nice and cheap – this is DigitalOcean. So you should take advantage of their services.


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Free Photos for you!

Hello everyone. My name is Carl. My passion is photography. I live near Warsaw – capital of Poland. I decided to create a page where I will add photos taken by me. Pictures are free and will be available for everyone. Photos are based on freeware licensee. For more information, you can read the FAQ.


Support for project and my passion:  best, image, picture, stock, photo, free

I publish photos taken by me. I am an amateur of photography, who wants to learn and share my passion. The website provides a variety of pictures that I made myself. Unfortunately, the budget does not allow me to buy a professional camera. Also I miss the photo editing software. Despite this, I try to share selected photos, which may be useful to anyone.

Photos are free. I am a young and ambitious man who is still learning. If you see the potential in my work and want to develop the project with me, I will glad to accept your help. Write to me and donate or offer another help – thanks a lot!

Contact me!

Questions, suggestions or wish to talk? Feel free to contact with me. There you can also write on the addition of a link to TOP Links.

I reply to messages quickly, passing all the most useful information and sharing my passion. With the form, you can also ask a question or wish to cooperate.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Sign up today!

My website gives the opportunity to register for everyone. Portal runs on WordPress, which is very clear and functional. You can set up a personal account and download photos. Just a few moments to create a new user and start using the service. Registration is simple and ensures that each deal with it can handle.

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My website is not just a collection of free images. It is also space for interesting articles and much more. Do you want to get to know them all? Keep up to date with the latest, subscribe to our newsletter. All you have to do is leave your e-mail address on the form. Through this way I will inform you about new pictures or changes on the website. Newsletter treat as a way to communicate with you – you do not have to worry about spam or advertises. Your e-mail will be safe – I will use it only for sending important information about the service.

Future and new photos

If you are looking for free images, you are in right place. I cultivate my passion for years. In my collection I have hundreds of photos that are ready to be upload. But you have to wait – the duties of life, work and study make that I cannot fully devote myself to the development of the site. That’s why I add pictures periodically. As soon as I add new photos, I’m sure I will inform you of this by e-mail – leave your e-mail at newsletter.

Give me time, visit the website and download free pictures.

Old photos (history)- where to download free stock photofree?

Folks that are in your life are inquiring plenty of various moments, each smart and unhealthy, some of them would really like to prevent, whereas others erase from memory. Sadly, erasing the memory of one thing at his own request, on cue, it’s uphill, as a result of the human brain does not work sort of a laptop, where you’ll be able to post one thing so erased once you simply return to us felt like it. In addition, the pictures we are able to currently utterly, but we would like to transform and improve victimization different pc programs – even once historical photos victims fight a replacement style.
to prevent the time you would have to be compelled to very stretch and bend plenty. Typically in movies they appear a range of how to stop time. The supposed phantasy movies show folks that will have sex, who can stop time exploitation their supernatural powers and direct the lives of other people. This after all solely movies, but if that is not it is associated with them likewise, stopping time. At some point, people that don’t quit and tried to come back up with one thing to prevent time, finally came to completely different inventions. Therefore, if you’re trying to find free pictures and asking the question – where to download free stock photos – click on this site!

Commercial free images

Photography studio differs considerably from pictures outdoors – check free stock photos for commercial use. Types and varieties of images which will be created depends on the lensman. Photograph studio, however, has it to himself, that the scope and variety of images created is extremely slender compared to how much we’ve opportunities outside the studio to do a unique picture or download it from the aspect royalty free stock photos for commercial use.
Artistic photography in the studio in the main involves taking footage of people or objects within the end, there is no such freedom because the camera whereas eg. Travel. Photographic studios specialize mainly in wedding photography and portraits, that shows best free stock photo websites. The entire work is predicated on thought-setting person, then selects the light or eg. A background photograph – you can download it by visiting best places for free stock photos. Operators in studio are also obtainable devices specially custom-made for the needs of which are listed on top of. Studies are the photos of planned topics. Folks involved during this approach, artistic photography, do such pictures for others for a living.